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I’m curious to know how many Weaving families use a more non-traditional schedule for their school year. I know many families follow the September-to-May/June schedule, like the public schools, but how many go year-round? How do you set-up your time? Do you have a “3-week-on, 1-week-off” schedule? I think that would work well with Weaver, as many of the units are more than 10-days. (Hmmm… I’ll have to check my volumes to see what the average length is.)

As you share your time-schedule, let us know what your state requirements are, too (does your state require a certain number of days, or hours?). I’m sure we’ll be switching to all-year schooling, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly how we’ll do it!


Yearly Schedules — 2 Comments

  1. We learn all year through. I usually have done a different program, but maybe this year I may continue in Weaver if we don’t get the volume done. Last summer we did an insect study and had a blast. I was thinking of doing an astonomy study since when we did it in Weaver our skies were gloomy and couldn’t see anything. We take time off when we need to for VBS or camps or whatever. In Illinois we really have no restrictions. I think there’s a 180 day year but it’s not required to show any logs. I love to keep going for several reasons. First, it keeps their idle hands busy and out of trouble and they aren’t “bored”. Also, there’s no review time to go over, I do require math all summer. We only do about 3 days a week and no more, but last summer they did continue on their own looking for specimens and such for our bug collection. I just keep it light and fun with lots of hands on stuff and it goes by rather nicely.

  2. We have been using a year round schedule since we started home schooling. We do a 4-day week with 3-day weekends and take the same vacations and holidays that Dad takes. This schedule mirrors what the kids will be facing when they graduate so no shocking surprises. Plus it allows us to skip the first third of their math books since that is mostly review. Since they haven’t had the time off they don’t forget.

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