Wisdom Words Topic Chart

A long-time Weaving mom, Corina T, has come up with a special chart for Wisdom Words. This chart shows the topics that are covered in each grade, and when they will be repeated during the course of the program. Corina created the chart for her own use, but has now madeĀ it available to members of the U-Weaver email list.

Wondering when you’ll teach about prepositions, and when it will be reviewed? Need to know how often adjectives are touched on? This chart can show you! Print it out and keep it in your Wisdom Words folder as a handy reference tool.

Accessing the Wisdom Words Topic Chart

The chart is a Word document and is located within the Files section of the U-Weaver email list located at Yahoo!Groups. It can be found by clicking here. (You may be prompted to log-in, or join the group, when you follow this link.) Click on the folder “Wisdom Words,” then right click on the file “WWTopics.doc” and choose to save the link or open it.

If you have a useful chart you’d like to share, let me know!

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