What Really Counts

I can spend plenty of time organizing my supplies and scheduling my children’s classes. I can spend time online, offering encouragement and getting support from women around the world who use Weaver. And I can seek God’s wisdom to teach my children His ways. But, the only thing that really counts is if I get up and actually teach my children!

Weaver works best when you ditch the ‘teacher’ mentality and pray for God’s leading. Whether you’re prepared for the day or not, spend time talking to your children, read to them from the Bible or a good book, ask their opinions on how they think something happened or why they think someone did what they did. Teach them how to safely use the Internet and find information on whatever their heart desires. Reward them for their participation and thinking skills with a fun game, either online or offline.

YOU are the teacher. You are the one who can make school fun. Be enthusiastic: get up and do it!

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