What Exactly IS Weaver?

Just about everyone knows that Weaver is a unit-based curriculum. But, that doesn’t mean much to those new to homeschooling who don’t know what a unit study is. I recently replied to a homeschooling mom who had questions about Weaver…

What’s included in a volume?

Each volume consists of a complete curriculum to teach students in grades K-6. All the objectives and activities are listed, by grade and subject, and the sheets are color-coded:

  • white for everyone/teacher
  • goldenrod for K
  • dark pink for 1st
  • light pink for 2nd
  • blue for 3rd
  • yellow for 4th
  • green for 5th
  • salmon for 6th

The volumes are divided into 9 units, with some units having multiple chapters. Volumes 1-3 are designed to be done within one year each, while volumes 4 & 5 take about a year-and-a-half each. Going through each of the volumes once will cover about 6 years.

Each chapter starts with an overview so you know what you’ll be covering. Next are the For Your Information pages–these provide background info for the teacher, but you can also share this material with your students. Next are the Bible lessons, followed by a Recommended Reading list. Next are the colored pages, mentioned above, for the different grades. The subjects covered in the colored sections are:

  • History (Social Studies)
  • Science
  • Language Arts

Following the colored pages you’ll find a few more white pages:

  • vocabulary list
  • health/safety ideas
  • field trip
  • art suggestions
  • Bible memory verses

Sometimes the chapters have extra materials, like suggestions for character study, or information on mummification, or some other topic you may wish to study more in-depth while you study that section of the Bible. These extra materials are white pages as well.

At the back of the book you’ll find a resource section, with pictures, charts, maps, and various other “visuals” for your use–there is an index for these items as well, telling you in which chapter you’ll need each visual.

Does it matter which volume you start with?

This really depends on what your children already know. It’s recommended that you start with Volume I and work your way through, so as to go through the Bible chronologically. There is an overview located at the Unofficial Weaver Pages where you can see what is covered in each volume. Because Weaver is based on the Bible, choose where to start by thinking of your child’s Biblical knowledge.

What about math?

The only volume that contains any math is the Interlock, which covers pre-K/K grades. All other grades will need to purchase math separately.

The volumes themselves do not contain the daily lesson plans. These are found in the Day by Day, available separately. Wisdom Words, a grammar program written by the author of the Weaver, will round out your children’s academics.


What Exactly IS Weaver? — 3 Comments

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  2. Bekah,

    You only work through one volume at a time, so I would suggest just getting Volume 1. Since Volume 1 starts with Genesis 11 (after the flood) you may want to spend a few weeks going over the days of Creation (first 10 chapters of Genesis) just to lay that foundation for your child. Then you’ll be ready to dive into Vol.1! Be sure to join the email list, so you’ll have lots of support and encouragement as you begin your Weaving journey. Contact me (kelly@unofficialweaver.com) if I can be of further service to you.

  3. I am not sure how to ask questions but I have one. We are just getting started and I am wondering, do we need to order all 5 volumes or just volume 1 to get started? My son is in 1st grade. Thank you

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