The Wrong Seasons

Often, while working your way through a Weaver volume, you’ll find that one of the activities asks you to study bugs, or collect specific plants–and it’s the middle of winter! What do you do when the activities don’t correspond with the seasons? Many moms have solved this problem by scheduling mini-units during the spring or summer months.

Sometimes it’s a preview of a unit to come, while other times it’s a review of what’s already been discussed. When the activity comes up during the normal school year, do what you can by using the Internet, books, and lots of discussion. When the weather warms up, take time to go back to that unit and study those bugs.

As you look over the volume for the following year, take time to map-out which units will be done in which months and make a note of the ones that fall in the wrong season. Feel free to go over that science information while it’s warm. Then, when the subject comes up during the cold months, your children will have a good jump on the information.

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