The Teacher’s Binder

Often, on the email list, we’ll discuss how to manage the trees— er, I mean, binders when it comes to the daily use of Weaver. Tammie (Blessed Hope Academy) gave a great description of how she sets hers up. (I’ve edited it slightly, for ease of reading.)

Front Cover Flap: Reminder note for the steps of planning a unit; and notes, craft projects, emails I’ve printed; resource listings; etc. First in the binder is a copy of the Volume Overview chart so I can easily see where we’re headed and how long it should be before we get there. Then a copy of the Assigned Credits from the Supplement so I can reference what is required to achieve the credit in the subject. Then a copy of Becky’s Dear Friend, instructional letter about homeschooling highschool from the front of my Supplement.

Tab Labeled Day by Day: DBD pages for the current unit and the next unit.

Tab Labeled Bible: Bible lessons for the current unit and the next unit.

Tab for Academics: Colored pages from the Volume and the white pages from the Supplement with another tab for the exact grade levels I’m teaching inserted. I used to just put the grade levels I was teaching in my notebook, but there were too many times that I wanted to go up or down the grade levels (either for teaching or for my own reference) that now I just put all grade levels in my book.

Tab Labeled WW: WW pages for the grade level I’m teaching.

Tab Labeled Literature: Copy of the Recommended Liturature List from TT&T. I have a copy for each kid and highlight the books they’ve already read.

Tab Labeled Resource Section: About 20 pages from the back of the Volume. I trade these out as needed as we start a new Unit.

Back Cover Flap: List of the Weaver resource books and which ones are used in each Volume/unit. I refer to this as I start each unit, to pull books that are relevant and helpful off from my big book case, and move them to my current teaching shelf. I also have inspirational and encouraging notes in this flap.

Some units are large, so I also keep paperclips, or those black binder clips, attached to the tabs, so that I can clip the pages to the tab as we move through the unit. That way when I turn a tab, I also turn to the exact spot within the section that I’m currently teaching from. It’s a very minor thing, but it does save on a lot of page flipping.

Thanks for sharing, Tammie!


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