The A to Z of Using Weaver (part 4)

Over the past few days we’ve covered letters A-S. Today, we’ll complete the series.

Teacher’s Binder — Unless you purchase Teacher’s Friend (or talk to another Weaving mom), you won’t know about this little gem. Designed as a “quick start guide” for those new to using Weaver, the Teacher’s Friend will walk you through how to set up your own teacher’s binder. This will become your lifeline for using Weaver. Instead of working from those huge binders each day, you’ll have everything you need in one smaller binder — it will, literally, become the most valuable school supply you own; and it will go with you, year after year after year, through this adventure called homeschooling.

Units — This is what Weaver is all about: separate units that are all focused on one thing — the Bible. The Weaver Curriculum is a unit study approach to learning. That means each section starts with the topic being studied (found in the Bible chapter you are studying at the time) and weaves in history, science, art, etc. Everything you’ll study in all the subjects will point back to what’s being studied in the Bible lessons. And that’s really how it should be! Everything we do in life should be a direct result of what we are studying in our Bible. Remember: if you start with the Word of God, everything else falls into place!

Volumes — There are five official volumes that make up The Weaver Curriculum. Each one is color-coded the same way (white for everyone, or teacher papers; goldenrod for Kindergarten; dark pink for first grade; light pink for second grade; blue for third grade; yellow for fourth grade; green for fifth grade; and salmon for sixth grade) and broken up into nine units covering anywhere from 180 to 220+ days for teaching. If you follow the Day by Day, and take breaks for the usual holidays, you will finish the first three volumes in one year each. Volumes four and five will each take a year and a half on the same schedule. That means you will get through all five volumes in a six year period. After that, you start over using the 7-12th Grade Supplement that corresponds with each volume. As you can see, this is a very cost-efficient curriculum!

Wisdom Words — This is the grammar program written by the author of The Weaver Curriculum. It is designed with the idea that you have already taught your children how to speak properly, so now you want to show them what proper speech looks like on paper. You are encouraged to have your student write for 5-10 minutes each day. From that writing, you will pull examples of nouns, sentence fragments, predicates and more. Wisdom Words is color-coded the same way the volumes are, plus it contains all the manipulatives you’ll need to teach the concepts. The suggested course of study for Wisdom Words is included in the Day by Day for each volume.

X-tra Help — Homeschooling is not always easy. Support from other homeschooling moms is important! That’s why there is a huge network of extra help out there for those using the Weaver curriculum. If you desire to purchase new materials, you can shop at The Unofficial Weaver. If you’d rather buy used, you can find items listed at the Buy/Sell Board — or, you can see if anyone has posted anything for sale in the Facebook group or …

Yahoo Lists — Before there was Facebook, before there was a Buy/Sell Board, before there was a store, there was a single Yahoo list. Over the years, that list has grown into multiple lists, and this blog was developed. The goal of these various helps has always been to glorify God by helping other homeschool families. If you have a question about Weaver, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Zulu Time / Zoo — Weaver can be done anytime, anywhere! Whether you live in the USA or in Australia (or anywhere in between) you can use Weaver. You may have to find a different history program to suit the needs of your country, but it can be done! Weaver can also be done at the kitchen table, on the couch, on a blanket in the back yard, in the car or at the zoo! Weaver will open your eyes to the world around you, and every opportunity will become a teaching opportunity.

I hope this list has given you a better understanding of The Weaver Curriculum. I cannot stress enough that this curriculum is a tool, not your master. You are the teacher. You decide how, where and what will be taught. You want what’s best for your children, and nothing compares to the goodness of God’s Word. With Weaver, that’s exactly what you’ll be giving them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you start with the Word of God, everything else falls into place!

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