Teaching the Hard Stuff

Death is a fact of life. As Christians, we know it is not the end, but the beginning of our time with Jesus. As much as we look forward to being in heaven, it’s hard to think about those left behind. Children don’t always understand about death–it scares them, and rightly so–it is the “unknown.”

Volume 1, Chapter 12, tackles the subject of death. Using plenty of Bible to reinforce God’s plan for life, you’ll spend a couple days talking about death, burial, and heaven. For very young children, you may wish to get the book, Someone I Love Died, by Christine Tangvald. Older children will need time to talk and grieve. Often, sorting through photos and remembering the fun times will help them as they process their feelings.

The Bible doesn’t gloss over death. From patriarchs dying of old age, to young children being murdered, to liars falling dead at the feet of the Apostles–it’s all in there! If you’re in a different volume and the subject of death comes up and your child starts asking questions, pull your Volume 1 off the shelf and turn to Chapter 12. You’ll find everything you need to teach the subject from a biblical point of view.

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