Sure-fire Way to Combat Frustration

We’ve gotten behind in our work… off-track… behind schedule… whatever you wish to call it. So, today we’re playing “catch-up” and it isn’t going well. I’m fighting frustration, wanting the children to hurry up and get done. They’re fidgetty because it’s Monday and they’re not quite into the swing of school (that comes tomorrow). My anger is building and I know that’s not right.

I need to sit down and do the one thing I haven’t done today. Whenever I miss this activity, the whole day gets off-kilter. You guessed it: I missed my quiet time with God!

It’s so simple, yet so very important. Time with my Lord and Savior quiets my spirit, and allows Him to work through me, to accomplish His goals. I know better… I’m always encouraging other moms–even challenging them–to make this a priority in their lives. I’m going to go do this right now, before anymore of the day slips by!

Have you had your time with God today? It doesn’t take a huge commitment. Just read a few passages and discuss them with God. Not sure what to read? What passages are you teaching during your Bible studies with Weaver? Keep Him involved in your day, and He’ll keep your day orderly. Never fails!


Sure-fire Way to Combat Frustration — 2 Comments

  1. I even know this but it still comes as an AHA moment. I just put the dc to bed, now I know what I need to do next so we can have a nicer evening.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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