Schooling Year-Round

Summer is a great time to veer off the normal path of study, but it’s also a great time to continue with Weaver. Studying weather? Spend time outside laying on the ground, watching the clouds roll by. Studying space? Stay up late and do some star-gazing. Wildlife, plants, history… it’s all accessible during the warm summer months!

Your children don’t have to know they’re still doing school. Lay the math books aside if you wish, but continue to point them towards God as you study His creation. Read books while sitting outside, learn to swim, take lots of nature hikes.

Spend a few days looking through the units you will be covering during the cooler months, and take time to touch on them while the weather is warm. When you get to that unit in Weaver, it will be a nice review for your children, regardless of the weather.

Life continues to happen, whether you are formally schooling or not. Take advantage of that and keep teaching–keep weaving God into your life!

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