School Year-Round

(This is a Throwback Thursday post. It was originally written in February of 2007.)

My husband and I have decided to school year-round this year. This will mean less busy-time at the end of the year, and less review-time at the beginning of the year for the children. Our oldest will be a senior next year, and we have a few classes we want to squeak in before he graduates. Schooling year-round will help us achieve that goal.

I’m currently finishing up Chapter 8 in Volume 5 . Chapter 9 will be a 30-day unit, and chapters 10-12 are each 15 to 20 days. That’s 81 days… not going to get that done by the end of May! We’ll just keep working through the summer.

Once we finish Volume 5, I’ll move onto Volume 1 and keep going with school. In September I’ll move everyone up a grade as we begin the “new” year. With that in mind (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) we should finish Volume 5 around the middle of July (taking into consideration spring break and various days off between now and then).

If I continue to school year-round, I could take off one week each month, and even a few miscellaneous days here and there (up to 10 days) and still get 180+ days of school done each year. Since this would be our schedule, I could choose which week of each month we take off. If I need two weeks for a trip, I can schedule the last week of one month and the beginning of the next month. I may even decide to have half-days on a week off… the latter half of the day, so we can sleep in 😉 … and then we’re not really missing much school because two half-day weeks would equal one full week. This would come in handy for emergencies like sick days, or unexpected company, or spur-of-the-moment trips.

Isn’t homeschooling wonderful?!

(Author’s note: Year-round schooling didn’t work for us after this year was completed, and we have reverted back to the school calendar followed by the public schools–for the most part. But, it sure did look good on paper!)

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