School Prep

It’s barely the end of July and already I’m getting things ready for the upcoming school year. Normally I would wait another couple weeks before doing my last-minute prep, but school is right around the corner… literally! The public schools in my community are resuming on August 9th! That’s just 3 weeks away… since my oldest attends the local tech school for programming classes, we usually follow the public school schedule.

I spent time back in May planning for this coming year, and today was the semi-annual teacher’s sale at Mardel’s. I purchased two Milliken books: The Middle Ages
and The Renaissance, both from the History of Civilization series.

Now I need to clean off my deskĀ and get last year’s papers filed away so I can start fresh. And I ONLY have 3 weeks!! Where did the summer go?!


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  1. Where do you all buy the Milliken books these days. I’m so glad to find you, I do not know anyone else that does Weaver!

    Don’t know where to look for your response but I’ll look!
    Lord bless you

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