Same Volume — New Grades

(This is a Throwback Thursday post, written in August of 2006.)

I’ve spent the past two weeks gearing myself up for school to start next week. Where did the summer go?! We’re continuing with Volume 5 since we didn’t finish it last year. Since this is a new school year, I’ll be moving my children up one grade level: my K will now be in 1st, my 2nd will now be in 3rd, etc. We’ll just continue on with what we were doing, using the new grade levels in the same volume.


If we finish Volume 5 before the school year ends, I’ll rotate back to Volume 1. Since it will still be the same school year, I’ll keep them in the same grades we’re starting with next week.

If we finish Volume 5 at the end of this school year, I’ll start Volume 1 next year and move everyone up a grade at that time. This is a perfect example of the flexibility of Weaver that I love so much. I’m moving at my pace, and my children are learning at their level.

Where are you in your Weaver studies? Which Volume are you working through? Leave a comment and let me know!

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