Preparing Our Minds — And Our Hearts

Each year, many moms on the Weaver email list re-read Teaching Tips & Techniques. It is amazing to re-read this book. After my first read-through, I’ve read specific chapters over the years, such as reading and writing, planning, and motivation.

Even though my teaching philosophy is similar to the author’s I’m still finding so many things to learn as I read. I’ve been telling mothers for years, “yes, Weaver takes time.” Weaver is not the type of curriculum that you place in front of your child and expect them to do alone. Weaver is interactive–you must teach it. You’ll spend less time reviewing with Weaver, too. I like how the author said it:

It takes more time to do, but the time is made up in review.

My other favorite quote is: “[Do] you teach Jesus?”

This is why I homeschool: so that I can teach Jesus. I will share more thoughts and tidbits from Teaching Tips & Techniques whenever I go through it. If you have something to share, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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