Planning Lessons: Keeping Your Focus

We’re currently in the middle of Volume 2, Chapter 8. It’s a loonnng chapter: 15 Bible Lessons. Normally, that would take 6 weeks to do (Bible every other day–30 days for the chapter) but I teach Bible 3 days a week, so this will take just 5 weeks. I’ve arranged our weeks like this because my oldest student takes science and math outside of the home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have Bible and History on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when my son is home; on Tuesday and Thursday I teach science to the younger 2 (besides our other “classes,” like math, spelling, reading, etc).

As I was planning this chapter, and trying to arrange the science and history lessons, it became a challenge. I like to follow the flow of the Day by Day as much as possible, but rearranging the science objectives was not easy. Some of them were off track as I gave priority to the history lessons in our daily lineup.  I spent much time in prayer trying to make the chapter as cohesive as possible.

The first day we came across a science lesson that I knew should have been taught a few days earlier, I simply told the children, “Remember last week, when we talked about …” I even pulled out the Bible and re-read the info we covered previously. This was a great review for the children! About a week later I found myself teaching a science lesson the day before the Bible lesson with which it corresponded. As I began the science lesson, I mentioned that we’d be talking about it more the next day during our Bible lesson.

Whether your science and history line up perfectly with your Bible lessons or not, you can always point your children back to the Bible. That’s the whole basis of Weaver: the Bible. Proverbs 16:3 tells us, “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” If you are committed to teaching Weaver, God knows and will give you the words and the insight for the lesson at hand. Keep your focus on Him and you will be blessed!

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