I’m In The Mood For Love….

     Isn’t that how the old song goes…”I’m in the mood for love, simply because you’re near me.” Well, I’m in the mood for love simply because it is February and that is usually when the winter blues are really taking their toll on homeschooling moms. The children get frustrated more easy, the last break was in December, outside looks like ….yuck! And face it, as a mom we face burnout time just about now as we see the end of the school year approaching and testing or portfolios start to nag at us.

Well, the good news is God is always in the mood for love and He can melt away all our winter blues. I went to bed the other night determined to wake up and have a great day. Of course I awoke with a migraine, slept later than I wanted, and the children were grouchy. But I was not going to let it get the best of me. I simply started praising the Lord. I praised Him with my headache, and I praised Him through breakfast with 8 grumpy children, and I praised Him while trying to frantically catch up from sleeping in. By the afternoon I stopped in awe as I realized my headache was now bearable, my children were getting along and all our schoolwork was completed early AND the laundry was done. God loved this homeschooling mom of many enough to give me a peace that passed ALL understanding and I never asked for anything….I just loved Him.

Next time you are at your wit’s end and the frustrations of the winter blahs are getting you down simply sing out to God “I’m in the mood for YOUR love” .


I’m In The Mood For Love…. — 3 Comments

  1. Holly, Thanks for that great word! We don’t have the cold but we do have the rain.

    There should be some way to let folks know on the Weaver loop when there is a new post. I am always glad to read them but don’t always know when they are up.

  2. Thanks for this – it’s so encouraging to know that at least part of this discouragement I feel is normal for this time of year!! Off to praise!

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