Flora and Fauna Volume 1 units 7 and 8

I enjoy the luxury of not rushing through a book. I decided to try to find a book that would last through several units and would reinforce the subjects. I have not read all of Jules Verne’s novels but the few that I have read aloud always teach us so much in such a fun way. I chose for this unit The Mysterious Island. It is the sequel to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and my children have been wanting to read it after they finished Captain Nemo’s first underwater adventure.

From the early chapters, I immediately saw that it would encompass so much of our future studies while reaching back and touching on others. Stealing away in an air balloon and barely surviving a hurricane brought back to our minds units already studied. One of the real surprises was the day we were studying in our math about how to figure the height of something very large by comparing it to a much smaller item, that has a known length, we saw it illustrated by the brilliant Cyrus Smith in the book. That was very cool.

My 9-year-old enjoyed reading through a lovely illustrated version of Aesop’s Fables during this unit as well.

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