Fabric Maps

When my children were small, I tried to adapt their learning materials to their capabilities. One way I did this was by purchasing fabric maps to teach geography.

While at the store one day, I saw fabric that had a map of the USA printed on it. Each state lists the capital and has a picture of the state bird and state flower. There was a key/list off to the side of the map, listing the names of the birds and flowers.

I wasted no time in buying this map panel! I also bought some solid red fabric to back it, and created a small “quilt” simply by adding some batting between the fabrics and machine-sewing straight lines, horizontally and vertically, about an inch apart, with “invisible” thread. (I used red thread in the bobbin, though.)

About a year later, a panel with the map of the world came out, so I bought that, too, along with blue material for the backing. Of the two fabric maps, this one was trickier to machine-quilt as the latitude and longitude lines were already printed on the map and they are not straight, which threw me off at times.

Both fabric maps are cherished by my two youngest children. They’re going to come in handy in a few weeks when we cover map skills once again. I also have a Magnetic State to State Game that I’ll bring out to help my third-grader memorize where the states are, and what their names are. There’s a good chance my first-grader will whiz through this and learn it right along with his sister!

One resource that I’ve had for a few years but haven’t used yet is the book States & Capitals Workbook, by Twin Sisters Productions. I’ll have to pull some of the games and activities out of that book. I’ll also need to see if I can find the music for Turkey in the Straw–that’s the tune they use for “singing” the states in Volume 5, chapter 9.

We’ve got two weeks left of our current chapter, but I’m already starting to plan for the next one–a 30-day chapter! Those long chapters seem to need the extra planning.


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  1. My children absolutely love to play with blankets as well as snuggling up with them. This is such a great idea. I’ll have to check the local fabric store. I typically don’t ‘quilt’ blankets, but knot them at the corners of each square. Since this is one piece of fabric and not a patchwork, maybe I can knot them on the captitals!

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