Check Please !

The new year is upon this mom of many and one thing I have found most helpful to start a new year is to do a quick re-evualation of my schooling. I like to start with reminding myself of why I homeschool as it seems that after the holidays everyone can easily feel a little burn out.

Next, I like to go over our schedules and see if everything is working the best it can. Do I need to give more time to a particular student or maybe I just need to allow more time for research on those supplement objectives that my older students are working on.

After checking those off my list I look at our schedule in general. Are we able to stay with how it is or do I need to switch some subjects around to ease the load.

I realized that when I make myself (note the key word here is make) do this simple check that the second half of my school year goes much smoother and I don’t feel so overwhelmed with a scheduling problem that really was just a simple fix. This time of checking also allows me to review what we have already accomplished for the year and that is always a boost at a much needed slow time of year. Lastly, when I take time to “pull up any loose strings” my days are less likely to unravel.

Put on the kettle for a nice cup of coffee or tea, grab your school planner, say out loud “check please” and help the rest of your year to weave together.


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  1. A wonderful reminder for sure. With the weather we’ve been having, I become quite sluggish! Personally, I think it would be nice to have several Weaver-minded moms get together with their tea and planner books for an afternoon. I think that would inspire me some. Thank you for this gentle push 🙂

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