Why “Unofficial” Weaver?

I have been caring for the Unofficial Weaver Pages since I first created them back in 1997. When I first dabbled in Web site design, I asked God to help me create a site that wasn’t strictly links (many sites were, back then), but that was useful and informative for visitors. Another woman began the email list, and I offered to post back issues at my site. After about a year I invested in a domain name through a company dealing with shared domains, and that’s when the site “went live.”

I am not an employee of Alpha Omega Publications, and I never have been. That’s what makes me “Unofficial.” I maintain this site because I believe in the Weaver curriculum. It is based on the Bible, has taught me about God, and has led me in a closer walk with Him. I believe in this curriculum. I believe it will bless any family that uses it. I believe it will work for any family that is committed to teaching their children.

I also know that Weaver is not a magical, self-teaching curriculum. When a family chooses to homeschool, they are taking on the responsibility to home educate their children. Of all the moms I’ve spoken with, the ones who seem to burn out the fastest, and even quit homeschooling, are the ones who are trying to “do school at home.” They don’t have time to plan, nor time to gather resources, and they certainly don’t have time to correct papers. I don’t know why anyone would believe they can just put a book in front of a grade-school student and expect that child to learn.

Children, when left to their own devices with no supervision, will choose to play instead of work. Successful homeschooling families have made education come alive–it’s fun, and their children enjoy learning! Weaver makes it easy to have fun in school. With minimal seatwork, lots of discussion and reading, and some hands-on activities, Weaver brings the family unit closer together by teaching them together.


Why “Unofficial” Weaver? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi
    Please can you advise an email address for the Weaver Curriculum Company? I am a South African who would like to enquire about copyright permission.
    Thank you so much

    • Sure, Tanya! What specific questions do you have! I’m happy to answer and help. You can also join the email list at Yahoo!Groups, as well as the Facebook group, if you’d like more than just my opinion. 😉

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