A Time Out & A Time To Share

Several months ago Kelly asked for volunteers to help blog and I quickly responded as this was something I really thought I could easily add to my schedule. Well…..my last post was sometime at the fist part of the year. I had 6 students this year with a 7th one that is from another family and I supervise her schooling for legal reasons. Most days you would have a difficult time convincing me I am the mother of 10 children, 9 of which are still at home. The past few months have made up for all those days as I helped graduate another child. Yes, I feel a great accomplishment that God has worked through me to see this daughter through. She was always a good student but never really liked school. But there is a special feeling with this graduation as she is the first child I have taught the whole way through. From kindergarten through 12th my daughter has been taught at home. My oldest daughter did not have that privilege as she was in public school until the 5th grade.

As I sit here typing my hubby told me that by the time I am finished teaching all the children God has blessed us with I will have taught for exactly 30 years. My response was that I should be able to collect some type of pension!!

The senior year for our daughter was jam packed full. Her gifts lay not in academics but in music. Playing in two orchestras and continuing to take lessons in piano and violin keep our whole family on the move. I was never so thankful that she could drive herself to most of her commitments. The last 3 months before graduation were the most busy. Final concerts were plentiful as well as completion of academics, final lessons, portfolio assessments and preparing for the graduation ceremony itself.

After much ado the graduation day finally arrived. I had most of the food ready to go and several sisters in Christ waiting to help with the last minute items. 40 people responded, I planned for 100 and 85 showed up. Her father (and principal) gave a short talk/devotion about the privilege of teaching our children at home, how much her devotion to God has meant to our family and how God will lead her in this next season of life. We presented her with her diploma and she surprised us by giving a speech telling everyone how thankful she was to be able to be taught at home and how grateful she was that she was brought up in a home with discipline. She then thanked us for being such great parents albeit not perfect. My husband then took over again, thanked all the people that came for their support, their prayers and their love for our family. I really feel so blessed that God had such a hand in all of this and am humbled again even as I type.

So, why is Holly typing all of this? To show and share with all the moms in the trenches with me that weaver not only works for the present but it works for the long haul. Many times these past few months we had to “alter” our weaving days because of scheduling, but because weaver is set on God’s word first we never really put it aside we just worked it in differently. God continually put before us subjects that pertained to our busy life. Authority in the home fit so well with our recent graduation as we witnessed our daughter submit to her fathers authority many times and seek his counsel. The result of disobedience by the Israelites hit home often as we spent more time away from our home and our children had to adjust to many different surroundings or just being in the van for long periods of time. They were reminded many times of the grumblings and complaints of God’s children and what they received from it.

Let us praise God together for the time out we need to take and remember to take time to share His workings in our lives as often as He allows.

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